More Releases!

Asuka is as dumbfounded as you guys are

Hey, everyone! I bet you weren't thinking you'd see us back again so soon, huh? I told you stuff would be happening faster from now on.

I'd also like to take a moment here to thank the good folks at KRDL, who kept our episodes up in the wake of the Nyaapocalypse. They also have our releases up on their own mirrors. Thank you for your good work, guys!

Also shoutout to our bro Ais, from SkewedSubs, who provided us with the torrents again! You're the man!

Anyway, here is the next batch, including episodes 67 through 71, ready for your consumption! They are great episodes, so I hope you'll all enjoy. Now, join me after the cut, for the usual translation notes regarding the stupid(er) riddles!

There's not much for translation notes this time around, except for the rifler in episode 70, which is "what is the 'kaki' you can't eat?" "Kaki" in Japanese is the word for both persimmon and oyster, which have different kanji but the same reading. Accent patterns for both are different, which is how speakers differentiate them when spoken. Anyway, Daita replies "you can eat both", but clever boy Taro says he's wrong. You can't eat the "mimikaki", which is Japanese for earpick. Y'know, those little sticks you put in your ear to remove wax. So there you have it! And now, the links:



  1. Only 13 more left to do, keep up the good work guys!

  2. I totally forgot to check with you guys. Glad that I did. Thank you for your hard work. One more batch to go!

  3. Episode 14 seems to be missing from this batch- is there a link to it so I can get the complete series? And thanks so much for all the hard work to get this great show done!