More Releases!

Asuka is as dumbfounded as you guys are

Hey, everyone! I bet you weren't thinking you'd see us back again so soon, huh? I told you stuff would be happening faster from now on.

I'd also like to take a moment here to thank the good folks at KRDL, who kept our episodes up in the wake of the Nyaapocalypse. They also have our releases up on their own mirrors. Thank you for your good work, guys!

Also shoutout to our bro Ais, from SkewedSubs, who provided us with the torrents again! You're the man!

Anyway, here is the next batch, including episodes 67 through 71, ready for your consumption! They are great episodes, so I hope you'll all enjoy. Now, join me after the cut, for the usual translation notes regarding the stupid(er) riddles!


Releases, at Last!

The gang looking at the episode count in this batch like WTF?

Hey there, everyone! Been a while, huh? I know it's been a while since there was any updates on this project, and I haven't even been keeping up with the comment section anymore. I'm sorry about the lack of updates and communication. Anyway, last I appeared, I kept saying we weren't dead, right? Well, I godd*mn f*cking told you so. here we are with some new releases, at long last!

I could give a thousand reasons as to why we've been taking this long, but you all know the gist of it: real life happens. The important thing is, we're back, episodes will be coming consistently from now until the end of the show, and all the previous episodes that had dead links have been reuploaded. Until we finish the show, we will be releasing only DDL. Well, thanks to our bro Ais, we now have torrents for this batch! He's offered to keep doing them, so we will have torrents until the end of the show too. Links are under the cut. Worry not, though, for once we actually finish we plan to go back, retime everything to the Blu-Ray raws, and re-release the whole thing in a torrent bacth. Promise. Also, it'd very much please all of us at Rampage if you'd check our Credits page, for updated credits on this project.

Now, if you'd please, join me after the cut for the very, very few translation notes I want to offer!


Secret Squadron Goranger: Episode 56, finally!

Hey guys, long time no see!

Someone asked me to do a batch of all the single episodes we released after 32, so here it is. You'll notice the files include episode 56, which has been a long time in the making, and to be very, very honest just hadn't come out yet because yours truly is a lazy bum. This batch was the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling again, so here it is!

In this episode, four of our brave heroes go on a vacation! Or at least it was supposed to be one, until they were targeted by a Black Cross Army assassin! Will they be able to have their oh-so-deserved break? Or will they be dragged into a fight? Watch and find out!

I get ya,man, I'm tired of my break too.

Softsubs (mkv)


Secret Squadron Goranger: Episode 55

Well, hello there everyone! I bet you were all thinking we're dead by now, right? Well, sorry to disappoint but we're not. This release has taken this long due to real life taking precedence over fansubbing, yadda yadda yadda, you all know the drill. Not sure if 56 will come any time soon, to be 100% honest with you all, but it will come, eventually. We won't let this die.

The hardsubbed file will be uploaded on the coming days, for whomever wants it. Hardsubs are up! Like the previous post, this will be torrent only for the time being.

You'll never replace my Dai-chan :(


Softsubs (mkv)
Hardsubs (mp4)

DDL and scripts here

Episode 55 introduces us to a new hero, Kiranger II! And to an evil scheme to eradicate life on Earth using a bacteria apparently developed by the Nazis... Will our heroes be able to defeat Big Ear Mask, and foil Golden Mask's plan to kill all humans? Watch to find out!


POST UPDATED: Secret Squadron Goranger: Episodes 53 & 54

Hello everyone, updating this post to tell you all that I've uploaded v2s of both episodes to fix a typo on 54, and add the missing line on 53. Much thanks to MilkyDreamer from Imagination Station for helping us figure it out!

If you don't care about that line (which wasn't even that important anyway) or typos, then feel free to not download this. I deleted the previous torrent, though, so you can stop seeding if you're not downloading the new ones. Hardsubs are coming very soon out now, as I found someone to help out during Clock Up's absence. Thank you very much, Angel! :D

Alright, it's been quite some time, right? I'm not going to apologize for taking long to release, IRL shit happens, but I am sorry for the lack of updates. Our fans deserve to at least know we're all alive and well, and that the project isn't dead.

Without further ado, here are the episodes! Hardsubbed versions will be coming soon are out now.

Well, obviously you're not. You're a giant baseball, silly!


Softsubs (mkv) v2
Hardsubs (mp4) v2

DDL and Scripts here

First up there is episode 53, the one in which our heroes have to face the mighty Baseball Mask, his team of Zolders, and there's a fun fight involving a shitload of baseball bats. It was pretty fun! Working on this was perhaps the most fun I had with this project so far. Everyone else agrees it is an iconic episode, so enjoy!

Then there's episode 54, in which we say goodbye to a great character. Volcano Mask finally says his goodbyes, after an explosive (volcano, explosions, get it? Huh?) confrontation with the Gorangers. We will miss him dearly, since he was so much fun to hate. And from 55 onwards we will see the exploits of a new evil commander, Golden Mask. Look forward to hating him too!


In episode 53, around the 4:18 mark, there's a line by Baseball Mask we couldn't for the life of us translate. I could've made something up, but that didn't seem like a good way to go. Please keep in mind this show is over 40 years old, so sometimes it stumps us. So far, this hadn't happened, but this line was ran through three different translators, and we all got nothing that made sense. If anyone can understand what the hell he's saying, and wants to send in a suggestion, we'd be very happy. Yeah, issue solved! :D


Secret Squadron Goranger: Episode 52

Hello everyone! Took us a while, but here you go.


Softsubs (mkv)
Hardsubs (mp4)

DDL and Scripts here

I personally loved this one. In it, our heroes must stop the MOTW from assassinating EAGLE scientists and high officials long-distance. Telephone Mask is a real threat to the Gorangers! Will they be able to stop him? Get your episode and find out!


Secret Squadron Goranger: Happy New Year Release!

Hello everyone, how were the Holidays? I hope y'all had a blast. It is 2016 at last, and here we are, coming back after a short break. There you go, episode 51!

Or else i'll be forking you!

Softsubs (mkv)
Hardsubs (mp4)

In this episode the Black Cross Army has sent an Old West gunman to do their dirty job. They intend to steal billions of yen, in order to purchase evil supplies! Will our heroes be able to stop them? Gonna have to watch to know!

Translation wise, there's nothing that's actually noteworthy - there's not even a riddle in this one. But we did make some editing choices which I personally liked a lot, and hopefully you will too, namely Gunman Mask's dialogue. It was supposed to reflect an Old West-ish way of talking. Please share your thoughts with us about that!

Also, it was pointed out that we made a mistake on episode 48, and we appreciate having it pointed out. Feel free to tell us if you find any translation errors or anything. We'll make a v2 of this particular episode down the line, when it is time to batch the series. Since it was nothing that would ruin the enjoyment of the episode or the series, we decided not to do it immediately, and I hope you can understand that.