A Long Overdue Update (AKA We're Not Dead)

Well, hello there everyone! It's surely been a while. At the least I didn't make any promises in our last post, eh?

We've had a lot, and do I mean a lot of setbacks. We've had members of the group take leave because of personal issues, some of us had to deal with work and school, and so on. But we're still doing our best to work on the show behind the scenes, and it's  moving along at our own pace.

Right now, here's where everything is:

Episode 14 is awaiting Portuguese to English translation, then it'll be checked and released.
Episodes 15 and 16 are awaiting Japanese to Portuguese translation, to be translated into English afterwards.
Episode 17 is awaiting timing, so it can move up the ladder.
Episode 18 has been timed and has been pre-translated, but it's awaiting proper translation.
Episodes 19~50 are waiting for their turn.
Episode 51 has been translated to Portuguese, but it's waiting its turn to be further worked on.

That's it, people. I can't say for sure when we'll have more episodes for you, but I can say we haven't stopped working on the show. And we do not plan to stop, bar the Blue SWAT being licensed and released fully subbed either in the US or in Brazil. So just hang on tight, and we'll bring you more stuff as soon as we can.


Blue SWAT - Episodes 11~13

This episode is brought to you by the NRA

What's up, y'all! I won't waste time on excuses: life happened. But here we are again! This time with a nice little batch of three episodes. Hopefully there will be more coming soon, but I learned my lesson and won't make promises ever again, lol!

In episode 11, a past enemy of Sarah resurfaces, and it's up to our heroes (and their beloved guns), to put this guy to rest once and for all. But all evidence points to him having been invaded by an alien! Will Sarah's regular 9 mm from her old L.A. SWAT days be of any use? If it isn't, can Seiji come up with something else that's powerful enough? You gotta check this out!

Episode 12 sees the long-awaited return of Show's sportsman rival, Toba! Last we saw him, he'd been invaded by an alien... Now he's back, and pushing Hard Angel, a drug that is capable of f*cking you up so bad that those ugly ass aliens look like regular humans! Will Show be able to save his friend? Will Blue SWAT get high? Watch and see for yourself!

Lastly we got episode 13, in which our heroes are really, really bad at covering their tracks, and their secret is found out by someone close to them. As they're chased into a corner by the Space Mafia's sharpshooter squad, the key to their survival lies with... Sumire?! Will they be able to drive her away from this, to keep her safe? Or will our brave team of heroes gain a new ally?! Find out in this Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 10

Well yeah, for starters you shouldn't say you're buying stolen stuff

Happy new year, everyone! After an extended leave of absence, due to staff having finals and other stuff to deal with, and due to the festivities, we're now back! I'm not sure we'll be as consistent as we were for the first nine episodes from the get go, we're kinda warming up still, but we sure as hell will try our best to bring you more Blue SWAT over the course of 2019. Hope you all do great this year too!

In this week's episode, our favorite trio of heroes is hired to investigate a series of break-ins at rental warehouses, where nothing is stolen. They are broken in, a couple pieces of art are smashed to bits, and that's it. They immediately start investigating, and run into stolen art dealers. But wait, they're also aliens! Just why are they smashing all those statues? What do they want with Buddha? Are aliens religious? Find out in this week's episode of Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 09

That's what happens when you ask strangers how much they weigh, Show.

Well, hello there everyone! We've got a new episode for you. This week our heroes at Blue Research get a strange request... They have to find a stupidly rich dude a bride! If they succed in finding this guy the perfect woman, they'll receive a payment large enough to send them into retirement. That is, of course, if there's no alien plot involved... Wait, what's that? That gorgeous woman they set Richie Rich up with has gone missing? Just what could've happened?! Find out in this week's episode of Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 08

Okay, Seiji, we get it, you're powerful too. Did you have to shoot like this?

Took us a little longer to release this one, sorry about that. Life, and all. Anyways, this week's episode is a blast, and I think you all are going to love it! Our heroes get a request from some kid to find his father, who has gone missing. The police tells him he's probably just run off and abandoned him, but after hearing the full story the team feels like there might be more to it... They investigate, and to their surprise the man is in the hospital, pregnant with a baby! But waitaminnit, how is that even possible? Find out that, and much more, in this week's episode of Blue SWAT, just after the jump!


Blue SWAT - Episode 07

No, but seriously. What's with Show and the guns??

What up, everyone! Blue SWAT 07, coming straight out of the oven for you~

Our heroes are alerted by their faithful secretary Sumire (though she didn't really intend to alert them of anything) of a crashed alien spaceship somewhere in Japan! She has a photograph, and they promptly follow the lead and go after the dude who claims he took it, to find out where that ship is... The only problem: he ain't telling them anything. Will our heroes convince him? Will they find that spaceship? Will the aliens find out about the picture, and hunt down the skilled photographer? Find out that, and much more, in this week's episode of Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 06

Show's a little too happy about that gun

Hey, everyone! How have you guys been doing?

Here we are with episode 06! This time the alien plot involves a highly contagious and deadly virus strain, and our heroes must stop them from obtaining it. However, their mission is brought to an early end when Sarah misses a shot and hits one of her teammates! Will he recover? Will Sarah get her confidence back? And more importantly, will they be able to stop the virus from reaching the aliens? Find out after the cut!