Blue SWAT - Episode 03

C'mon, we're not THAT late!

Told y'all we'd be consistent on one, right? Here we are, Blue SWAT episode 03! This one was pretty fun if I'm to be honest... We have our heroes chasing their first actual request from outside, and there's also a mystery about one of them... I'm not gonna say anything more so I don't spoil it for anyone, but this was very fun. Take a look after the cut for the links, and leave your impressions in the contents!


Blue SWAT - Episode 02

Heroes don't like to work for free either

We're back again! It's been a while, I know. We have been preparing, and building a backlog so that hopefully there won't be as many delays as we had with Goranger. We'll see, but so far everyting has been looking good for us.

So, in this episode our heroes have to deal with the aftermath of the attack on their squad, and they gotta figure out how to be independent! Luckily, they might've gotten a new ally? Well, let's see what happens!



Secret Squadron Goranger: Finale!

Spoiler alert: they beat the bad guys

Hello, this is Fanboy, and we've finished Goranger.

I'd like to thank all of those who directly or indirectly helped this Herculean task to be finished with the quality the first ever Sentai deserves.

Citing everyone's name would certainly make me risk forgetting someone, which would be rude, so I asked everyone we could contact to write a couple words.

My heartfelt thank you to all of you!
- Fanboy

We finally come to the closing of this chapter! I'd like to give everyone who kept up with the releases a big hug!
- Yuuki Gai

It was a long journey, but here we finally ate! The very first Super Sentai show, fully subbed, available for everyone around the globe! I've got no words to describe how I feel after finally being able to finish the show. Goranger will always have a place in the hearts of all of us who worked in it! My sincerest thanks for all who suck with us so far. Without you guys, there wouldn't be any point in doing this project.
- Shourikan

To be honest, I'm not sure what exactly to say.

But if I were to say anything at all, it would be...

I've had a ton of fun doing some of the editing on Goranger and looking forward to future projects. I hope that everyone has a great time watching the show. Its age make show but it has its high points and if you give it a chance, the show may surprise you.
- Cel Shade

This was my first project as a translator for Rampage, and I hope you guys approved it. At first it was really hard to translate by ear, because sometimes characters speak fast and audio quality wasn't the best, but i loved the experience and learned a lot from doing it. I can even say I got better at listening (which ended up being my best grade in the JLPT). Anyways, it was a pleasure!
- Mio-sama

ClockUp here.

To finish this off, I cannot not mention everyone who has supported us from behindt the scenes. Took us four years, we had ups and downs, but we finally finished this project and closed another chapter in the Rampage Subs book. And that is all thanks to these people right here:

- Angel from Love&Care for helping us with some ass kicking editing back when we were short handed.

- Mariosmentor of Bad Apple Subs, for kicking Goranger off.
- And last, but not least, to FortMax from BunnyHat Raws, for making the raws we used for our releases.

Warm regards to all of you.
- ClockUp

And that's it, folks! The links are after the cut, as usual. We'll meet again soon, on our next Blue SWAT release! And look forward to the Goranger batch, coming up eventually!


Secret Squadron Goranger 81 - 8...3?!

It was then that he presented her with this release post

Hey everyone, here I am again! So, I'm guessing you are wondering, "what the f*?? The show is 84 episodes long!!", but don't be mad! I promise we won't leave you hanging for the last one. In fact, it's pretty much done TBH. We just decided that it wouldn't be fair to make you wait anymore for these great episodes right here, and also that it would be great to release the grand finale simultaneously in both languages, so bear with us a little longer, will ya?

Before we get to the good stuff, we want to make an announcement. We will not be subbing any of the movies. Most of them are just theatrical cuts of episodes, and the ones that aren't already have been subbed by very competent people and we decided to focus on the retime and fixing of the subs for the Blu-Ray releases, and from there to just divert all our efforts into Blue SWAT. I hope you'll understand.

Now, join me after the cut for the links!


Secret Squadron Goranger 76 - 80

MFW we've actually been releasing consistently

We're back again! Here are episodes 76 - 80, and we're almost there! These few episodes were a blast to work on, so hopefully you guys will love them too.

With nothing to say much in the way of translation notes, join me after the cut for the download links!


Surprise! It's a New Show!

Hello everyone! Here we are back again, with another batch of Goranger! Wait, what? You're telling me this is not Goranger? That's right, we're doing a new show! Don't worry, this won't stall the progress on new Goranger releases in the least, we were just super excited to break the news ASAP.

So, what's this new show, you ask? Join me after the cut, and find out!


We're Almost There! Secret Squadron Goranger 72 - 75

Listen to Kendo Mask!

Hey there, everyone! Here we are with our next batch! There's four episodes this time, and we're quickly approaching the grand finale!

We've got great episodes for you this time, including:

Shinmei being amazingly cool and awesome!

A honorable MOTW who just wants to have a fair fight!

All around silliness!

The dangers of forgetting your stove on!

A cameo by Kenji Ohba, AKA Gavan, AKA Battle Kenya, AKA DenjiBlue, and also lots of other characters!

All that and much more, you can check out after the cut! I hope you guys enjoy this new batch, and I'll see you soon, for the next Goranger!