Blue SWAT - Episode 09

That's what happens when you ask strangers how much they weigh, Show.

Well, hello there everyone! We've got a new episode for you. This week our heroes at Blue Research get a strange request... They have to find a stupidly rich dude a bride! If they succed in finding this guy the perfect woman, they'll receive a payment large enough to send them into retirement. That is, of course, if there's no alien plot involved... Wait, what's that? That gorgeous woman they set Richie Rich up with has gone missing? Just what could've happened?! Find out in this week's episode of Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 08

Okay, Seiji, we get it, you're powerful too. Did you have to shoot like this?

Took us a little longer to release this one, sorry about that. Life, and all. Anyways, this week's episode is a blast, and I think you all are going to love it! Our heroes get a request from some kid to find his father, who has gone missing. The police tells him he's probably just run off and abandoned him, but after hearing the full story the team feels like there might be more to it... They investigate, and to their surprise the man is in the hospital, pregnant with a baby! But waitaminnit, how is that even possible? Find out that, and much more, in this week's episode of Blue SWAT, just after the jump!


Blue SWAT - Episode 07

No, but seriously. What's with Show and the guns??

What up, everyone! Blue SWAT 07, coming straight out of the oven for you~

Our heroes are alerted by their faithful secretary Sumire (though she didn't really intend to alert them of anything) of a crashed alien spaceship somewhere in Japan! She has a photograph, and they promptly follow the lead and go after the dude who claims he took it, to find out where that ship is... The only problem: he ain't telling them anything. Will our heroes convince him? Will they find that spaceship? Will the aliens find out about the picture, and hunt down the skilled photographer? Find out that, and much more, in this week's episode of Blue SWAT!


Blue SWAT - Episode 06

Show's a little too happy about that gun

Hey, everyone! How have you guys been doing?

Here we are with episode 06! This time the alien plot involves a highly contagious and deadly virus strain, and our heroes must stop them from obtaining it. However, their mission is brought to an early end when Sarah misses a shot and hits one of her teammates! Will he recover? Will Sarah get her confidence back? And more importantly, will they be able to stop the virus from reaching the aliens? Find out after the cut!


Blue SWAT - Episode 05

I know you can't be a hero if you're scrawny, but you won't get jacked if your form is this bad

Episode five, let's go!

This time, Show's old rival from his sportsman days comes back to Japan, and he seems to be caught in the aliens' scheme for world domination... Our heroes go undercover to try and stop their evil plan, but will they be able to put an end to it before being found out? And will they learn how to exercise properly, before they get a hernia?? You'll learn that and much more in this week's episode!

Links are after the cut as usual :D


Blue SWAT - Episode 04

Episode four is here, y'all! This one concludes the cliffhanger, so to speak, from the previous one. Just what is Sig hiding from his friends? Will they catch the escaped aliens? And more importantly, will their team survive this dangerous mission? Find out that and much more in this week's episode! Links are after the cut, as usual :)


Blue SWAT - Episode 03

C'mon, we're not THAT late!

Told y'all we'd be consistent on one, right? Here we are, Blue SWAT episode 03! This one was pretty fun if I'm to be honest... We have our heroes chasing their first actual request from outside, and there's also a mystery about one of them... I'm not gonna say anything more so I don't spoil it for anyone, but this was very fun. Take a look after the cut for the links, and leave your impressions in the contents!