Himitsu Sentai Goranger (1975)
Scripts (Please, install the font pack we've included in the link)


  1. none of the hardsubbed links are working

    1. Due to the lack of seeders, we'll be uploading everything we've released up to now to a Mega account within the next week. Please, stay tuned.

  2. Hi, um are you planning on finishing GoRanger
    pls pls pls you can do it I rly hate that no one else subs it

  3. Thanks
    A: For subbing GoRanger, the poppa of them all!
    B: For doing DDL for hardsubs - I'm on wifi and can't do torrents.
    Much Appreciated!!

  4. Any possibility of finding the remaining .ass scripts,
    episodes 53 through 84?
    I only want the scripts or .ass files and I'll download
    them from Mega if that's okay with you.
    If the lines need to be timed or synchronized with the
    speaking parts I can do that on my own with SubtitleWorkshop.

    I have the complete Goranger series mkv files episodes
    1 through 84 and I want to burn my own DVD set.

  5. Hopefully you'll post them, if you do! Get a hold of me and I'll mirror on my Mediafire Pro account.

    1. For a time being, I'm only connected via mobile hotspot
      through wifi. After using up my monthly allowed mobile
      high-speed 2gb bandwidth, Verizon Wireless then caps
      my bandwidth to 128kbps until I refill my high-speed
      data at $20 per month... right now I'm unemployed due
      to health issues and I can't afford it, so I'm stuck
      with just paying my monthly smartphone plan.
      My bandwidth is capped very slow, so uploading and
      downloading takes me a very long time to exchange
      files whether I do it directly or by torrent. :(

    2. i can seed if you do it torrent

  6. Can you re-upload 53-56 due to Nyaa Stopping?

  7. will you be finishing the series?