Secret Squadron Goranger: Happy New Year Release!

Hello everyone, how were the Holidays? I hope y'all had a blast. It is 2016 at last, and here we are, coming back after a short break. There you go, episode 51!

Or else i'll be forking you!

Softsubs (mkv)
Hardsubs (mp4)

In this episode the Black Cross Army has sent an Old West gunman to do their dirty job. They intend to steal billions of yen, in order to purchase evil supplies! Will our heroes be able to stop them? Gonna have to watch to know!

Translation wise, there's nothing that's actually noteworthy - there's not even a riddle in this one. But we did make some editing choices which I personally liked a lot, and hopefully you will too, namely Gunman Mask's dialogue. It was supposed to reflect an Old West-ish way of talking. Please share your thoughts with us about that!

Also, it was pointed out that we made a mistake on episode 48, and we appreciate having it pointed out. Feel free to tell us if you find any translation errors or anything. We'll make a v2 of this particular episode down the line, when it is time to batch the series. Since it was nothing that would ruin the enjoyment of the episode or the series, we decided not to do it immediately, and I hope you can understand that.


  1. Could someone possibly reseed this? I missed it when it came out and now theres no seed :(

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